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A SEASON OF MYSTERIES, the sequel novel to A Season of Miracles is set five years later, in 1976 in the same small town in Alabama. The story has elements of spiritual warfare and supernatural suspense.  Much of the intrigue happens at a Boy Scout camp.  A Season of Mysteries highlights the reality of Evil and the Victory of the Lamb. Humor abounds, even as tension spirals.

Touched: “A Season of Miracles” Novel/ Screenplay

Here I am accepting the Kairos Award

Accepting the Kairos Award

Montesquieu rightly said “Writers are not content with boring contemporaries; they insist on boring generations to come.” The past few years have been a revelation in new opportunities to possibly bore generations looming on the horizon. The screenplay “Touched” won the Gideon Media Arts Contest.  A second place finish for the script followed in the 2009 Kairos Prize screenwriting competition.  My wife and I were humbled to be flown to the Movieguide Awards in Beverly Hills where the prize was presented by Oren Aviv, the President of Production at Disney Pictures.

My toughest and best editor, my wife Rebecca.

My toughest and best editor, my wife Rebecca.

In the Christian Writers Guild 2009 First Novel Contest, the novel version of “Touched” was one of four Finalists.  This was particularly gratifying given that no judge knew of the screenplay and the Kairos Prize winners were not announced until after the Finalists for the novel. Richard Sterban, bass singer for the Oak Ridge Boys endorsed it: “A very special book. Baseball, inspiration, and childhood memories – a great combination. I couldn’t put it down! Now titled “A Season Of Miracles,” the novel’s available at Barnes and Noble or, or or

“Leprous Leopards” . . . Screenplay

The screenplay adaptation of missionary Paul Long’s published account of his experiences on the mission field in the deepest parts of what was then the Belgian Congo and his time ministering in a rough Brazilian “cowboy town. Long’s book, The Man in the Leather Hat (Baker Book House) is remarkable reading and includes unforgettable encounters with powerful “unclean spirits.” This screenplay adaptation won Third Place at the 2009 Gideon Media Arts Conference Screenplay competition (for Adaptation).

Allah’s Fire . . . Screenplay

The screenplay adaptation of the inspirational adventure novel “Allah’s Fire,” by Gayle Roper and Chuck Holton, has gained some attention, and recent revisions are in accord with the wonderful counsel and encouragement received from script consultants and production personnel on the west coast.  The initial adaptation won First Place for “Best Screenplay Adaptation” at the 2010 Gideon Media Arts Conference.  It is an Action and Adventure film/story set in the Middle East that highlights the courage of believers who put their faith into action!  Roper and Holton wrote a great novel!

“Promises to Keep” . . . Screenplay

This screenplay adaptation of Ann Tatlock’s Christy Award winning novel by the same name was contracted with a motion picture company, but has not been given the “green light” for production.  The script was one of eight national finalists for the Chronos Prize, Movieguide national competition for established screenwriters.

When Age is Gone” . . . Screenplay

This is a sweet sentimental story of how youths and seasoned citizens can reach out to each other and serve and enjoy each other. Two brothers, ages eight and eleven, and a seventeen-year-old girl cross country athlete (and her dog Oreo) frequent a Retirement community and learn abundant life is not something only young persons enjoy.

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