Creative Arts Ministry

Chuck Howard, me, Bill Cobbs

Rusty, his wife Rebecca, and Josh McDowell

Rusty studied Acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Art (New York City).

In Creative Arts Ministry, the goal is to “seek first the Kingdom of God.”  That’s the true quest; there is no such thing as the “Kingdom of Rusty.”  If there were such a land, purporting such a false Kingdom, I don’t want to live there.

It was a great challenge to play the villain (demon-influenced) in the true story “Silver Twins” (Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures),  a movie by Larry Silver about he and his twin brother’s conversion to Christianity from Judaism.  In post-production, the movie should release soon.

It was a blessing to have a lead role in Kyle Prohaska’s movie “Love Covers All.”  There were many wonderful people in the cast and crew, including Jared Young, Michael Joiner, Rhoda Griffis, Rusty Martin (Sr. & Jr.), Jason Burkey and Rebekah Cook.

It was a privilege to play “Wayne Bailey” in “Undaunted,” (Director Cris Krusen, Moonlit Pictures in assoc. with Josh McDowell Ministry) about the early life of writer and speaker Josh McDowell. Wayne was a source of deep evil in Josh’s childhood, so the role was extremely challenging.  I met Josh after filming and he is incredibly gracious.

It was terrific working with actor Bill Cobbs in the movie “Lukewarm.”  Great to work with Director Tom Makowski again.

Mike Rosenbaum played my grandson

Mike Rosenbaum played my grandson

with "Season of Miracles" stars John Schneider & Nancy Stafford

with “Season of Miracles” stars John Schneider & Nancy Stafford

Rusty's angry drifter look

It was a blessing to have the lead opposite Natalie Grant in “Decision.”  The movie aired on GMC-TV (Gospel Music Channel),  the network’s “Movie of the Week.”