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Acting:”Undaunted” – Traverse City, MI – May, 2011May 15, 2011

This guy is not to be trusted.

I am privileged and very grateful to have a role in a film about the writer and speaker Josh McDowell, filming in Traverse City, Michigan.  McDowell is one of my heroes so this is a very special treat for me.  Director Cris Krusen says I’m the villain in the film and according to McDowell’s true story, that is the case.  But McDowell’s life of faith testifies to the triumph of the true King over all villainy.

Christy Awards: July 2011: Atlanta

My novel “A Season Of Miracles” was a Finalist in two categories at the Christy Awards, “First Novel” and “Contemporary Fiction.” I did not win, but it was a thrill to be there with my wife Rebecca and my mom!  The keynote speaker was Randall Wallace who wrote “Braveheart” and “Pearl Harbor” and directed “Secretariat.”